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Catherine loves all things about fashion, makeup, colours and style. So she needed a website to share her passion with others. So we made her website considering all those facts. When a visitor visits her website, they can easily go to what they like by using the navigation bar at the top. We went for pink and lite colours throughout the website to highlight those details.

Launch Website
  • ClientCatherine Cliffe
  • IndustryPersonal Stylist / Makeup Artist
  • ServicesUI Design, Web Development, Logo Design
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In the process of making user interfaces, designers aim to create designs users will find easy to use and pleasurable.

Website Build from Scratch

Web design encompasses many different skills and disciplines including web graphic design, interface design and user experience design.

Friendly capable and hard working team who were always ready to do changes, fixes and revisions where some others might give explanations whay they are not feasible. Qualon did a great design and development of my portfolio!

Catherine Cliffe
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