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Mandy Verkaik came to us to make a website for sending gifts to their loved ones. So the main requirement was to make the site attractive and easy to use. Keeping in that in mind we made the site with detailed photos of what we deliver to his clients. And we make sure every information can be accessed easily by placing a nice top header for each category. And we include all the shipping and other useful information in the footer, so it can easily be seen by the visitors, and the site is made using the woocommerce platform so the visitors can directly pay to their orders and using woo-commerce plugins we made the order tracking features built into the site..

Launch Website
  • ClientMandy Verkaik
  • IndustryLuxurious Gift Store - WooCommerce Store
  • ServicesUI Design, Web Development, Logo Design
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Great results that's worth it the money. Qualon team has perfectly prepared experts, we had great communication and feedback. Qualon has a friendly attitude, delivery on the exact time with all the required elements. They even offered me a cleaner vision that helps my store to be more high-converting.

Mandy Verkaik
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